Job Posting Instructions

Welcome to the new AUPresses Jobs List!

Below you’ll find instructions on how to post job listings, along with some helpful notes as you go through the posting process. Please be aware that only paid positions may be posted at the AUPresses Jobs List.

Before you Post: Register for UP Commons

The AUPresses Jobs List is integrated with UP Commons, the collaborative online platform built for our community. In order to post to the Jobs List, AUPresses members will need to have an active account on UP Commons. If you don’t already have a UP Commons account, please find instructions to register here.

Step One: Log in to the Jobs List

With a UP Commons account, please go to the AUPresses Jobs List site: Click on “Post a Job.”

If you are not logged in to UP Commons, you will be prompted to do so at this page. If you are already logged in to UP Commons, the job posting submissions form will open.

Step Two: Enter the Job Posting

Here are some helpful notes to keep in mind as you fill in the form:

  • Job title field: Please enter the job title only. Do not include the press name as there is a separate field further down the form for that.
  • Location: Optional, but you can enter the city/state, city/country (for those presses located outside of the US), or note whether the position is remote.
  • Job type: Please use the dropdown menu to select (e.g., full time, internship, freelance, etc.)
  • Job category: Please select from among the departmental category options. More than one category may be selected, if applicable.
  • Description: Please add the full description of the job. The field allows for formatting so that you can bold, italicize, add bullet points, and add links to the text. Please apply restraint and internal consistency when formatting descriptions.
  • Application email/URL: Please enter the contact email or URL that applicants should use to directly apply for the position. If there is a contact email address separate from an application email/URL, please include it in the description field above. Note that the field defaults to your email address. If your email address is not the correct application email/URL address please do remember to edit the field. The application email/URL will not appear in the job listing, but will link via the “Apply for job” button.
  • Company name: Please use the full name of your press avoiding abbreviations.
  • Website, Twitter, and Logo: These fields are all optional. The website address listed should be your press’s home page. If you’d like to share a Twitter handle, please use the handle for the press not that of the individual posting the position. Note that the company name, website, and Twitter handle fields will automatically populate the next time you post a job.
  • Expiration: The expiration date field is optional. The date you enter here will determine when the job posting is removed from the public site. The default expiration is set for 60 days if you don’t enter a date in this field. You will be able to extend or shorten the expiration date while the posting is active. You will also be able to relist and edit a job posting even after it expires from your “My Job Posts” page.

Step Three: Post Job (or save it for later)

If you aren’t quite ready to post, you can save the job listing as a draft by clicking on the red “Save as Draft” button at the bottom of the submission form. It will then appear in your jobs dashboard, the “My Job Posts” page. Clicking the “Save as Draft” button will bring you to that page. You can also access the page through the “My Job Posts” option in the menu on the upper right side of the page. The job listing will appear there shaded and designated as a “draft.” There, you’ll have the option of continuing the submission when you’re ready or deleting it if you don’t want to proceed with the posting.

If you are ready to post the job, please click on the red “Preview” button at the end bottom of the submissions form. The posting will then appear as it will on the website for your review. If you’d like to make changes to the posting, click on the red “Edit Listing” button at the top of the preview page. Once you’ve finished the edits, you’ll need to “Preview” the post again before publishing. If the posting needs no further edits, please click on the “Submit Listing” button at the top of the preview page.


You’ve posted your job listing. It will now appear in the “Jobs List,” which is viewable to the public, as well as under “My Job Posts.” From the “My Job Posts” page, you can edit a listing (including its expiration date), mark a job as filled, duplicate the posting or delete it. If you mark the job as filled, it will appear shaded on the “Jobs List” until the posting expires, when it will be automatically removed from the public Jobs List. It will, however, remain in your “My Job Posts” page, shaded and noted as expired. You can change the designation and mark it as unfilled again at any time before the posting expires. You will still be able to relist, edit, or delete a job posting even after it expires. You can find the date when your listing is set to expire from the public site here.