Jobs List FAQs

For Job Posters

The posting of jobs is open only to AUPresses member presses. Individuals on the staff of a member press who have registered for a UP Commons account will be able to fill out the Job Submission Form or visit My Jobs to manage postings.

Find detailed instructions for posting a job on the AUPresses Jobs List here.

As of July 2020, the Jobs List has been integrated with UP Commons, the online collaboration platform designed for the AUPresses community, in conjunction with the launch of the new website. All members-only resources, including posting jobs, have been moved to UP Commons. It was impossible to transfer old site registrations to the UP Commons network, so each employee of a member press will need to register an individual UP Commons account. If you haven’t yet registered for UP Commons, please visit UP Commons 101 to get started.

Unfortunately, no. Only staff at AUPresses member presses may post to the Jobs List. Please contact the press and request that someone on staff post the job on your behalf. You will be able to view the Jobs List regardless of membership, of course.

The AUPresses Jobs list is open only to job postings from member organizations. See the list of members here and learn more about becoming a member here.

First things first! Does AUPresses know about your move? If you are not certain that the Association will know your new affiliation, title, and email address please fill out this form to let us know.

Second, you will also need to update your UP Commons account. It is easy to edit profile information such as press affiliation and title. However, it is also essential to make sure the email address you have submitted to AUPresses via the above form is the same as the email address associated with your UP Commons account. If they do not match, you could be automatically removed from necessary Committee Groups or from the network entirely. In the mid-term this will be a self-serve function as the rest of your profile is, but currently you must email to request an administrative change of your email address.

If you still work at a member press and have updated your AUPresses and UP Commons records, then you can continue to post jobs seamlessly—just be certain to doublecheck that any old information (press name or contact field) is not automatically populating the listing before you approve publication. If there are any active jobs that you posted for your previous employer, they should expire as set. If editing or reposting is necessary, the press should contact

The Jobs List provides editing icons for the “Description” field in the submissions form. You can bold, italicize, add bullet points, and add links to your posting. You can find more details about how to post jobs – including notes about standardizing style and presentation – here.

The AUPresses Statement on Equity and Anti-Racism makes the point that such unpaid positions provide a pathway to a publishing career that is unavailable to many individuals who cannot afford to work without pay. This reality, common to the larger publishing and cultural/creative industries (for example, see “Panic! It’s an Arts Emergency”), has led to a workforce that does not always look like the communities university presses live in and serve. We understand the financial situation of nonprofits everywhere that has made unpaid internships a lingering reality, but at the same time cannot ignore the inequities that persist in representation throughout our global publishing sector. We can no longer implicitly endorse unpaid positions via free posting in this space. If your press supports unpaid work and learning opportunities for credit, please look to local and institutional networks to recruit interested students.

For Job Seekers

AUPresses manages the Jobs List platform but not the hiring process. Each press is responsible for their own listings. Please contact the press that posted the job with any questions.

The AUPresses Jobs List is the central resource for university press opportunities, but more resources can be found on our career pages. There, you will find links to two additional pages of jobs boards for those looking for a career in publishing, media, and higher education, and jobs boards and career resources for diverse job seekers

Our career resources pages include a list of continuing education and seminar programs for professionals interested in a career in publishing. Many of our webinars are available to the public as well, and may contain relevant professional advice and knowledge for your situation. For individuals already employed in the AUPresses community, there are additional professional development resources here. Early-career staff at member presses may wish to join the Early Career Group on UP Commons. Join here, where you’ll also find links to many other professional and career interest area Groups.